Decision Statement – 2019


Finale report on the Neighbourhood Plan – 2019

Finale neighbourhood plan document – 2019

Lydiate Neighbourhood Plan update 19/12/18 

The referendum on Lydiate’s Neighbourhood Plan was held yesterday, Tuesday 18 December 2018.

86.77 % of people who voted supported the Plan.

This means Lydiate’s Neighbourhood Plan is now a legal planning document and must be taken into account when Sefton Council consider any planning application in Lydiate.

Thank you for your continued supported during the development and approval of our Neighbourhood Plan.

Statistics – Announced 11:30pm 18/12/18 

Turnout- 16.36%

Yes Vote – 86.77% (715 votes)

No Vote – 13.11% (108 votes)

1 vote spoiled.

Notice of Polling 18 December 2018

Notice of Poll Lydiate 10.12.18

Lydiate Neighbourhood Plan approved for referendum – Update 13th November 2018 

Vote in the referendum –  18th December 2018 at Lydiate Village Centre, Lambshear Lane, Lydiate L31 2LA.  Voting Hours 7.00 am to 10.00pm










Final Report on the Lydiate Neighbourhood Plan 2017 – 2030 – Update 18 September 2018

Lydiate Neighbourhood Plan Report Final 180918

Response to Examiners Questions – Update 22/8/18

Lydiate Examiner Questions – Response_R 22 August 22018

Independent Examination of Lydiate Neighbourhood Plan – Update 14/8/18

Please find attached, the Examiner’s procedural letter and questions in respect of the Lydiate Neighbourhood Plan.

Lydiate Examiner Procedural Matters and Questions

Neighbourhood Development Plan – Update 31/7/18

The Regulation 16 consultation closed on 30th July 2018. 10 responses were received which have been provided below for information. Further updates will be provided as the process progresses.

0. Lydiate Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 16 Consultation – Brief summary of comments (002) 1. Sport England_Redacted 2. United Utilities_Redacted

1. Sport England_Redacted

2. United Utilities_Redacted

Neighbourhood Development Plan April 2018

The Neighbourhood Development Plan is now ready to be submitted to Sefton Council for the Regulation 16 consultation which is the next stage of the process. Following the consultation Lydiate Parish Council undertook during the past two years we now feel we have a plan that reflects the vies of all our communities in Lydiate.

To support the next stage of the consultation process we have to submit a number of documents that have been provided below.

Neighbourhood Development Plan 19 April 2018 submission
Neighbourhood Plan – this sets out the policy we want all planning applications to comply with.

Lydiate Neighbourhood Plan Area April 2018 submission map
Lydiate Map – sets out the boundary of the Neighbourhood Development Plan which matches the Parish boundary.

Character Assessment 19th April 2018 submission
Character Assessment – sets out what Lydiate looks and feels like. It has been written for someone who has never visited before to give them an understanding of Lydiate.

Lydiate Consultation Statement 19th April 2018 submission
Consultation Statement – details the consultation process we undertook to develop the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Lydiate Basic Conditions Statement 19 April 18 submission

Basic Conditions Statement – a legal requirement to ensure that we have complied with current law in developing the Neighbourhood Development Plan

Lydiate NP SEA Screening Report Final
Strategic Environmental Assessment, Habitat Assessment Final screening Report

Our Vision for Lydiate is:-

“A parish that maintains a good quality of life in Lydiate with a high quality environment with suitable facilities where any new housing meets the needs of the people of Lydiate, and is well designed and is in keeping with the surrounding area, maintaining its rural character.”

Our Objectives

Quality – Ensuring that any new housing and its layout and infrastructure are of a high quality of design, environmentally friendly, encourage cycling and walking and are in keeping with the local housing stock.

Facilities – Maintaining and enhancing the provision of facilities in the area such as retail, health, leisure, sports, social and youth facilities.

Housing – Ensuring that any new housing meets the needs of the local population including affordable housing.

Environment – Protecting and enhancing the environment including canal, parks and gardens and maintaining the balance between the countryside and the built-up area.

Heritage – Protecting and enhancing the Parish’s heritage assets including listed buildings, and other non-designated heritage and cultural assets

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