November 20, 2018

Have your say and vote on LYDIATE’s NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN

Referendum date: – 18th December 2018 at Lydiate Village Centre, Look out for your polling card

What is the Neighbourhood Plan?
It’s a planning document that Sefton Council has to take notice of when making decisions about planning applications in Lydiate. It is a legal document that complements Sefton’s Local Plan.

The Plan sets out polices for future housing development in Lydiate to ensure we protect and enhance green spaces, the character of Lydiate and ensure that any development that does take place is in keeping with Lydiate’s character and of good design quality.

What are the Policies trying to do?
• To Protect and enhance the character of Lydiate
• To ensure development of the land north of Kenyon’s Lane is in keeping with the local area, protecting and enhancing green space, insisting on good housing design
• To ensure development of the site opposite the Village Centre, Lambshear Lane, (should it be developed in the future) is developed in keeping with the local area
• To ensure improvements to existing footpaths, cycle ways and bridle paths

We began developing Lydiate’s Neighbourhood Plan back in 2015, three consultations have been held, and we thank you all for your feedback and support during this period. The Plan was assessed by an independent examiner over the summer and we are happy to say the plan has been approved to go to referendum. We now need you to vote on the Lydiate Neighbourhood Plan.

A YES vote will mean Sefton Council has to take account of the polices contained in the Lydiate Neighbourhood Plan when considering planning applications in Lydiate, ensuring Lydiate retains its unique character.

A NO vote will mean Sefton Council can decide local planning applications without considering your views that we captured in the Neighbourhood Plan.
Please come to Lydiate Village Centre and vote on 18th December 2018.

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